Partnyellers are willing to make sure that the project will have a high value impact through a set of dedicated activities and products. The involvement of academic and civil society partners is contributing to maximize the project’s scientific and societal impact by bringing together international, interdisciplinary and intersectoral perspectives.

The project aims to reach out to several audiences:

For researchers, a coordinated publication strategy is foreseen through contributions in peer-reviewed journals, a scientific volume, a launch event to promote the publications and an open access online publication of working papers. A series of academic keynotes will be issued from the mid-term scientific conference. Four scientific workshops will be held constituting the key milestone of each topical research theme. The research discussed in these workshops will be undertaken by the established and ‘next generation’ researchers of the project; representatives of the non-academic partners having declared interest in contributing towards the research; and selected invited guest contributors engaged in similar topics. Ultimately, through peer-review and expert discussants, these day-long workshops are to fine-tune and improve the research product in preparation for publication. The structural involvement of both leading researchers and major civil society actors will contribute towards ensuring the workshops’ product enjoys broad ownership, which in turn will maximize its relevance and impact.

Experts and practitioners will be mainly targeted via instigation and dissemination AGORA Fora (IEE-ULB specific events including roundtables with background research and technical notes) including decision makers and advocacy networks that will get the opportunity to interact with researchers on the project themes. The Fora endeavor to expand on research findings and thus strengthen the integrity of the underlying research while contributing to its dissemination towards new audiences. It will ultimately allow for substantiated and clearer policy recommendations. The final Research Briefs and Policy Briefs, uploaded on the website, will mark the project’s clear contribution to the wider debates – both regarding the policies and the politics of European Governance in hard times. The policy briefs will offer project stakeholders the opportunity to clearly articulate innovative recommendations in view of fostering sustainable solutions to the challenges facing Europe following the recent crisis.

Youth will be addressed via dedicated content on the website but also via specific activities such as the edition of a didactic volume and the setup of a summer school for 25 early stage researchers and young leaders, aimed to pick up and further the dissemination of the project’s findings, deepen the research by confronting it with new audiences and provide its participants with a set of relevant skill-building modules. Non-academic partners’ own young leaders programs will also be able to exploit the ENLIGHTEN pool of expertise. Finally, ENLIGHTEN presence at the European Researchers’ Night is also foreseen.

The general public has the opportunity to visit the present website to aggregate the project’s main products and present it in a user-friendly way. ENLIGHTEN will also be present on Twitter as participants in activities share their experience on social media. User-friendly materials such as a didactic video  will also be made available to translate the research into concrete words accessible for anyone concerned. Finally the general public will be able to attend the ENLIGHTEN mid-term conference gathering all partners – academic and non-academic – alongside a set of guest experts to jointly confront and discuss the findings at the half-way mark; participants will be offered a series of thematic scientific panels on the topics covered by the project. The Mid-way conference will deepen socialisation dynamics by enhancing cross-cutting interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral linkages; foster relations with an elicit reactions from non-academic experts; and enhance the visibility of ENLIGHTEN’s research.



unknownJohan Robberecht

Programme Manager and work package leader

maria-isabel soldevila

Maria-Isabel Soldevila

Outreach Officer