Agora Forum “Are hard times to mother of invention?” // Boston, April 12th 2016

Organised prior to the 23rd international conference of Europeanists (hosted by the Council for European Studies in Philadelphia on April 14-15-16th 2016), the AGORA Forum “Are Hard Times the Mother of Invention – Efficiency and Legitimacy of Crisis-born Modes of Governance” aimed to instigate a transatlantic dialogue and foster questions shared by the participating academics and practitioners.

The core questions tackled were as follows:

(1) Has the fast burning Eurozone crisis strengthened or weakened European institutions?

(2) Have governance responses to the crisis hampered or facilitated the resolution of broader slow-burning macro-economic imbalances?

The expected outcome of such this effort was to broaden the ongoing ENLIGHTEN project’s research agendas, basing on an outside-in transtlantic perspective.

Besides informed scientific input resulting from the discussions, products will include a short documentary based on face to face interviews conducted during the Forum.

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