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Seabrooke & Wigan on Panama Papers

The question behind the Panama leak: Why aren’t international rules stopping offshore tax evasion? See the article : Seabrooke and Wigan on the Panama Papers, Washington Post – Monkey Cage – published April 5 2016 A lot of people are upset about the release of the ‘Panama papers,’ a leak of 11.5 million files from Mossack Fonseca, …

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Agora Forum “Are hard times to mother of invention?” // Boston, April 12th 2016

Organised prior to the 23rd international conference of Europeanists (hosted by the Council for European Studies in Philadelphia on April 14-15-16th 2016), the AGORA Forum “Are Hard Times the Mother of Invention – Efficiency and Legitimacy of Crisis-born Modes of Governance” aimed to instigate a transatlantic dialogue and foster questions shared by the participating academics …

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Workshop “Legitimacy of the EU’s modes of governance after the crisis” // Brussels, 30-31 May 2016

Workshop agenda This closed-door scientific workshop constituted the central piece of ENLIGHTEN’s first work package. Accordingly, the research which this workshop is to see presented, discussed and ultimately published will contribute towards meeting the WP’s epistemic objective of contributing towards a common theoretical framework articulating the role of ideas and implications of new policy instruments …

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