Legitimacy of European Modes of Governance


This research aims to provide the project with a common theoretical framework, a common vocabulary and a set of methodological tools. It concentrates on theory building and examining the input, output, and throughout processes in European institutions. It examines the role of expert networks in European modes of governance, especially explaining patterns of policy innovation and governance change (or stability). The research will also analyze how certain discourses were deployed by institutional actors to legitimate policies deployed within the EU and championed by its supranational institutions; explore the theoretical implications of how time is important for European modes of governance, to develop ENLIGHTEN’s concept of fast- and slow-burning crises; and assess the implications of changing modes of governance for the legitimacy of the European project overall.

For non-academic partners, this research is also the occasion to provide a scientific background and support to their advocacy on several key challenges. It also sets new analytical frameworks and perspectives for their daily work.

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Legitimacy of European Modes of Governance (WP1)

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