Youth Employment Crisis and Inclusive Growth


This research explores policies and debates in relation to employment and related social policies on the European Union agenda. It seeks to analyze the links between national employment levels, the geography of skilled work for those with no work experience or in early career, and policy coordination at the national and European Union levels including the role of the European social partners. It also strives to examine the extent of policy thinking and planning in linking up the current youth employment crisis and resulting mobility trends. Finally it looks ahead by analyzing the potential for the elaboration of policies that address the European Union’s long term needs in light of demographic shifts. To this end, the research aims to: take stock of developments related to European Union employment policies, changing modes of governance and linkages to legitimacy demands and expectations; assess the different dimensions of youth unemployment in the fast-burning crisis period relevant to European Union governance and, in particular, youth intra-European Union migration, including skilled migration; provide an in-depth case of youth migration and place it in a comparative perspective; discuss linkages between the fast-burning youth employment crisis and broader demographic shifts, including a simmering slow-burning crisis in achieving inclusive growth; analyze the institutions and networks engaging in policy thinking in relation to this slow-burning crisis; identify the institutional parameters that enable coordinated action, the long-term effect of the choice of mode of governance in employment policies and the legitimacy implications of the intergenerational equity challenges emerging.

For civil society partners, this research is also the chance to benefit high level academic work on labour market and social dialogue trends, especially concerning young people (e.g. Youth Guarantee, Quality Framework on Traineeships).

People involved





Key products

  • Think Piece on The state of the Open Method of Coordination in Employment Policy
  • Working paper on Intra-European Union youth migration
  • Journal-length paper on Intra-European Union migration
  • Journal length comparative paper on Intra-European Union youth migration
  • Journal-length article on European expert networks and demographic change
  • Doctoral dissertation
  • Contribution to the common edited volume on Youth unemployment and demographic change

Key events

  • Starting workshop (June 2015)
  • Scientific Workshop on ‘Governing Demographic Change in Europe’ (mars 2017)