resourcesIn this section you will find all project products that have been classified to better reply your needs according to your profile (academic, policy-maker, youth, etc.)

In the academic resources section, you will find all products resulting of the coordinated publication effort of our research teams on the three main research topics of the project, be them ENLIGHTEN Think Pieces, Research briefs, Working papers, Volumes and research findings summaries.

In the non-academic resources section, you will rather find more user-friendly material deciphering what our researchers have been investigating in a simpler language, easily accessible by policy-makers and key stakeholders concerned, be them ENLIGHTEN Factsheets, research briefs, policy briefs and video material.

The partners’ related resources section will give you the opportunity to browse material that the project partners have edited on their own and does not emanate directly from the project productions, but is of particular interest for ENLIGHTEN as related to its major research themes.